Saturday, April 28, 2007

Day 58 Darfur Hunger Strike Sudan Embassy

After 11 hours of marching at and around the Sudan Embassy today I've returned to the Washington Peace Center to bathe, launder, blog and prepare a handout for tomorrow's Save Darfur InActivism at 2pm, Lafayette Park at the White House. My brothers and sisters in these performing organizations will not forgive me [when we meet for the entrance exam to Heaven] if I don't do what I can to awaken them from the murderous state of denial they are wallowing in - imagining that what they call "Activism" is anything but self-pleasuring of the most heinous sort. Every logical, historical and theoretical analysis would say that week after week their efforts, tactics and lack of strategy is hopeless for Darfur. Yet they merrily persist week after week. Ah that the Truth would set them free.

I expect to return to the Embassy tomorrow afternoon, Sunday, after the 2pm non-event.

Have had some extreme pain to the point of discontinuing the marching. The marching is so enormously valuable that I persisted hour after hour way past any point of endurance I've found prior in my life. Hey, the family in Darfur is being tortured. This fact makes the pain bearable. As a matter of fact, when I reach a pre-targeted time on the clock when I will rest, and now am in "my time," then the pain DOES become unbearable. For my Darfuries I can bear it, for me - no. Hmmmm. Fabulous how the nervous system works.

A tip from a friend, just as I was seriously at a loss and giving up, focused me on posture. With the powerful new posters I deliberately began looking almost directly downward as I marched to avoid any and all possibility of eye contact - something that could discourage an onlooker from looking and pondering deeply. This was Monday I think. Well, it occurred to me at the time that this would give me neck trouble and oddly it had not done so. It did not occur to me that it would destroy my muscles on the shin by causing me to strike my heal on every step. But that is just what happened. By luck, persistence and experimentation, with the hint of my friend I retrained my walking and am now back to the usual but bearable pain. Thank God.

Between the encouragement shouted from cars or spoken by pedestrians I can tell I am causing people to ponder and maybe search their hearts a little. A few idiots a day shout hate but they are completely hateful and there is no indication they know anything about me or Darfur - just an obvious target for hate.

With several days of marching with great difficulty - much more slowly - my weight loss seemed to slow. Today however my belt easily notched in aggressively from it's prior home giving me great encouragement. Also, by my choice I carried my stuff on my back the 12 blocks to the Peace Center tonight. It is a riot! What was easy for me to carry just two weeks ago now feels like a grand piano!

All organs seem totally normal. No nausea in weeks. No dizziness. No swelling in the legs. Brain is - well - like usual.

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