Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Darfur: Necessary components for resolution by June 30

Darfur Hunger Strike to the Death or Resolution by June 30. The following are not mandatory. What is mandatory for the Hunger Strike to end is that it is certain by June 30 that:

A. The Atrocities are coming to an immediate end.
B. A Profoundly Generous Restoration Plan is with certainty underway for our Darfur family.

An astonishingly stupid and destructive trap scrupulously fallen into by those that consider themselves "Darfur Activists" is to tell the US Government what to do. This is every bit as self defeating and idiotic as going into the Surgeon's office and telling her how to do your appendix operation. What you the client need to demand is that your pain stop and that your health returns (A & B above). The rest is the Surgeon's job. They have the staff, the knowledge and the responsibility, YOU DO NOT. DON'T CLOUD THE ISSUE.

And I intend not to cloud the issue with the following. These are NOT requirements for me to end the Hunger Strike. However, it seems clear to me however that for the above requirements to be met within less than 3 months that the following elements are an utter necessity:

1. BINDING ARBITRATION TEAM OF CARTER, TUTU AND MANDELLA DIRECTING THE ENTIRE SUDAN AND INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY. None of the International players involved with Darfur/Sudan to date have the moral authority to develop a workable, implementable, enforceable, embraceable international plan, or Darfur Peace Plan within the next 3 months. Not the US, UN, EU, AU, NATO, Arab States.... Whereas this failure of credibility is due more to the shameful inaction by we citizens of the world, the issue now is that the world players stand unqualified. Impeccable Moral Clarity is crucial to long term peace and security in Darfur for a host of Sudan, Darfur, and International reasons. This bears no explanation it is so obvious. The morally impeccable team of Carter, Tutu and Mandella are crucial.

2. ZERO TOLERANCE PERMANENTLY FOR EL-BASHIR / REBEL FACTION HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSES, LYING, DECEIT, DELAYS AND DEFIANCE OF INTERNATIONAL WILL. These folks have proven themselves totally and unquestionably deceitful, with total disregard for the people of Darfur. The extreme redemptive brotherhood that Tutu for example knows how to bring to bear must restore some level of humanity to these folks. But as with a beloved pit-bull that once has bitten a child, if it is allowed to live, it can never go unwatched again, on pain of imprisonment or immediate death.

3. INTERNATIONAL COALITION OF BROTHERHOOD COUNTRIES TO SAVE DARFUR. There has rarely been a situation of such moral clarity as Darfur. God / Brotherhood / Basic Humanity must not be toyed with. These must be the standard that the US and those who join it must be held to. Every religion demands this. The core teachings of our religions, and the Truth in our Heart must be denied no longer, or Armageddon for the planet is at hand. This fact is more a matter of physics than of mysticism. Look to your heart. You know this to be true. The US must immediately BEG, with PURE BROTHERHOOD for the countries of the world to unite in the immediate rescue and restoration of Darfur. Some countries will join. Those that do not are still brothers! But they are brothers that will by regretfully bypassed, and defied if necessary in the resolution of this crisis. The world, and the US will answer to God for its action or inaction on Darfur. If we hold ourselves to moral perfection God (whatever you understand that to be) will see us through, including short term hostilities from Arab or Muslim fanatics. God / Morality / Conscience must be our guide and our shield. It would be the finest hour for the US, and our last chance to turn the world toward Heaven on Earth.

4. MORALLY IMPECCABLE BEHAVIOR BY THE US AND OTHERS IN THE INTERNATIONAL BROTHERHOOD COALITION. Sacrifice by this Coalition of Brother Nations is what everything hinges on. The slightest action of opportunism or self service will with utter certainty doom Darfur and end the last great hope for mankind.

5. U.S. TO FORSWEAR ANY MEDDLING IN SUDAN - CHINA OIL RELATIONSHIPS. Clearly and understandably China is fearful that if others engage in Darfur that their preferential trading relationships will be interfered with. The U.S. must publicly and unmistakably pledge to the world that they will not allow this to happen.

6. INTERNATIONAL COALITION TO SHARE THE BURDEN OF CHINA, INDIA AND INDONESIA INTERFERENCE OF TRADING RELATIONS. Bashir's cash inflow must cease immediately. But who is to bear the burden? We are all brother nations. Carter, Tutu, and Mandella must determine how the coalition will share the pain with these three major trading partners of Sudan. Brothers do that.

7. US TO INTERVENE UNILATERALLY IF NECESSARY. Four years. Untold brutality continuing. God demands action. If despite the most heroic, honest before God brotherhood by the US to forge an international commission others will not join, or China continues to obstruct, then with MORAL PERFECTION the U.S must act alone.

8. AFTER THE BINDING ARBITRATION PEACE AGREEMENT IMMEDIATELY - 20-30,000 PEACE KEEPERS ON THE GROUND with as many from African and Arab countries as possible.

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