Sunday, June 17, 2007

Stand With Darfur DC Vigil Day #109

Sudan agrees to UN and African peacekeepers in Darfur Scotsman, United Kingdom - 1 hour ago THE president of Sudan, Omar al-Bashir, has agreed to a joint United Nations and African Union peacekeeping force for Darfur, diplomats confirmed last night. Mr Bashir backed the move after a meeting with Security Council envoys in Khartoum, ...
UN: African to lead joint Darfur force Houston Chronicle
UN: African to lead joint Darfur force Kansas City Star
Un: African To Lead Joint Darfur Force Guardian Unlimited all 312 news articles »

Almost certainly Darfur has taken a step TOWARD Rescue and Restore. Dear Father, make it so, please. But even if we keep the pressure on, we will not know for 9 months or so for sure in all likelihood.

Saturday night I came to the Washington Peace Center and remain there through THURSDAY morning. There is much writing I need to do at my Personal Philosophy site, and I want to watch the analysis closely of last week's apparant progress in order to better target my efforts this week.

Given the apparently substantial acceptance by Sudan for 20,000 peacekeepers, the work now is to mandate the international community to actually get the peace keepers on the ground, and to simultaneously get the Peace Agreement updated with integrity for all stakeholders.

I may begin to move from day to day between key Embassies and Congress. A likely rotation should consider: Sudan, China, India, England, France, Germany, Pakistan, Congress, White House... each for its own reason; each is in a strategic position.

More soon.

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