Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Day #98 Darfur Vigil Sudan Embassy D.C.

Today I return to the Sudan Embassy, DC Darfur Vigil after my week of filling in for Ellen, my daily support, so she could visit her mom and daughter and grand daughter down south. I want to do what I can to keep the pressure / attention on among my northwest DC community. I expect to be at the Embassy 24/6 for many, many, many months. I pray that the new French Gov, focus at the G8, and selfish China (Olympics) combine at long last for some substantial progress - a peace agreement and 20,000+ police on the ground - NOW. We'll never have a better chance than we do now.

Students Pour Empathy Into Startling Poetry
By Delphine Schrank
If a war could be stopped with flights of compassion, 10-year-olds in Darfur might sleep a little easier tonight.

Comment from Start Loving: I've been captive of our Darfur family's agony for more than three years now. There is no hope for them until our Hearts wake-up that they are OUR IMMEDIATE FAMILY. In these past more than three years the Heart journey of these 10 year olds is one of the only rays of light I've seen; one of the only instances where our Family Darfur has made it into any of our Western Hearts. Oh, they've made it into plenty of our Heads, but with these 10 year olds... Love has happened. "And the Children will lead them." Children, lead us

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