Monday, May 14, 2007

NPR: Darfur Sudan Embassy Vigil Day #75

Commentary: Hunger Striker Wants to Make Difference in Darfur
May-06-2007, All Things Considered
...believes his actions can make a difference in Darfur. He inspired this commentary from NPR's Kitty Eisele. KITTY EISELE: He calls himself ?Start Loving,? but actually it's the last...

Listeners Letters: McGinley Commentary, Immigrant Profile
All Things Considered, May 12, 2007 · Listeners air their thoughts on Kitty Eisele's commentary about Jay McGinley, and Debbie Elliot's profile of Dr. Alfredo Quinones-Hinojosa, a former illegal migrant worker, now a citizen and a neurosurgeon at Johns Hopkins University.

Start Loving - In defense of Ms. Eisele: "I take it as a kindness in support of the Darfur cause that NPR aired the comment above from the California listener. With all respect and affection for the listener, this Californian clearly did NOT understand Ms. Eisele's report. Clearly Ms. Eisele was communicating with courageous honesty her conflicted support and respect for my embrace of people 6000 miles away; and making herself extremely vulnerable to criticism through her selfless self-depreciation. God bless your courage, insight, compassion, skill and support for Darfur Ms. Eisele. Tragically so far, one in a million posses or use these wonderful characteristics you have displayed."

Start Loving correcting Ms. Eisele regarding White House protesters: "Among the only people in the world "sane" enough to stand for their brothers and sisters in Darfur, Iraq and other places thousands of miles from the U.S. are some of those "crazy" White House protesters you so carelessly maligned. Ellen Thomas, with support from her husband Thomas is the only person yet to come forward with daily support of the Sudan Embassy Darfur Action for which you have at least guarded hope. Ellen was one of those White House demonstrators for 18 years, and now chairs the Washington Peace Center and is a world respected anti Nuclear activist. Thomas is in his 26th year of White House vigil against nuclear armaments and for truth and wisdom in government. Thomas and Ellen's bill Prop 1 to eliminate nucs worldwide has been proposed by Rep. Eleanor Homes Norton every year for many, many years now and has ever increasing international support. Pretty Crazy huh?

The prophets of every age are judged by their peers as "crazy," and by history as the only ones that were "sane" in their time; the ones that if NOT "stayed away from" might have averted, well, Armageddon. Please take care. You, Ms. Eisele are so much better than that.

ps: Are there no crazies in-front-of the White House? Are there no crazies IN the White House?"

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