Sunday, May 13, 2007

Darfur Sudan Embassy Campaign: Day 74 May 13th

About once per week I go to family's abode to bathe, blog and launder. 9pm my 12 hour march yesterday brought me to them. Usually I return by early morning to the Embassy but after blogging and writing all night long, at 6am I had hours more writing and blogging to do. So I took a nap, now am doing the blogging, and by early to mid afternoon will resume the Embassy campaign; UNLESS, I return tomorrow morning to the Embassy. I think a day away to refress may be wise.

By looks of the mirror it is within hours or days time of my shirt coming off and shorts on to show the initial inklings of Darfur Holocaust / Auschwitz on Embassy Row!!!!!!! I am so grateful.

More later today.

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