Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Day 21 Darfur Hunger Strike at Sudan Embassy

No response from the Embassy of any sort. None was expected. This most recent Darfur Hunger Strike has been the most physically difficult by far. No matter.

Being at the Washington Peace Center, my new home thanks to angels Thomas and Ellen I've had access to the Internet last night and this. Tomorrow morning I expect to be my last computer encounter in this lifetime.

By all appearances my January 8th, shamefully wrongful arrest the White House for camping (sitting up at 11pm with Darfur Signs on day 67 is now camping? Madness. Bullying pure and simple) was "no papered;" the arresting officer Mallot did not follow through in filing the paperwork. My guess is that this is either usual him to get an adrenaline rush by bullying people while hiding behind his badge and gun, or he had a pang of conscience. I hope it is the latter.

The news on Darfur has never been more heartbreaking. After 4 years of Genocide Russia and China want to obstruct the UN Report by Nobel Peace Prize winners? My brother el-Bashier continues to keep the UN at bay? How can we live with ourselves. I mean it. How can we live with our inhumanity, with our impotence regarding Darfur? I'll never understand.

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